EFT Tapping Side Effects

12 Need-to-Know EFT Tapping Side Effects & Tips

12 Need-to-Know EFT Tapping Side Effects & Tips

EFT Tapping Side Effects

Let’s clear a few things up about EFT tapping side effects.

It’s important to remember that when you’re EFT tapping, you may not always feel immediate relief. In fact, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of resistance when you first start – however, don’t be put off, this is actually a sign that it’s working. 

This is because EFT tapping is disrupting old patterns and beliefs that have been ingrained in your subconscious mind for years. However, as you continue to tap, those old patterns will begin to dissipate and you will start to feel better. 

It may take some time and patience, but eventually tapping will help to clear away the resistance and allow you to experience the peace and calm that you deserve.

Below I have listed out 4 tips to help see bigger and better results when tapping, along with 12 EFT tapping side effects that are common when releasing these negative emotions and limiting beliefs, so that you know what to look out for.

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4 EFT Tapping Tips

Don’t hold back the emotions – let it all out 

When you’re tapping, don’t overthink it! Just let whatever needs to come up pour out of you. Your feelings and experiences are what make up your story, so tell them in all their glory, without any hesitation or shame. 

Repetition is key

Tapping is a powerful technique for shifting limiting beliefs and manifesting what you desire, but repetition is key. I recommend tapping regularly, at least 21 days or more if possible. Personally I find 60-90 days give the best results!

Change your script as you progress through the 90 days as needed, so that you can change those negative beliefs into supportive ones. 

Stay Hydrated 

Tapping can be very therapeutic but it’s important to drink water before, after and sometimes even during the tapping ritual. This is because you’re literally shifting so much within yourself. Staying hydrated will help flush out any toxins released from your body while tapping on those pesky negative beliefs and emotions. 

Work with a Coach 

Working with a coach (like me, oh hey!) is really helpful when it comes to manifesting and achieving goals because a coach can help you to discover your blind spots, these are the blocks or limiting beliefs that you’re not even aware of that need to be dealt with first.

It is so important to work on these beliefs and the root cause. If we try to just plaster a new belief on top of an old one, all we’re doing is repressing or pushing down that belief, and much like pushing a balloon underwater, eventually, it will come back up to the surface. 

Once you’re aware of what these blocks or beliefs are and how they got there, it’s much easier to work on changing them and building in beliefs that support your desires and empower you to achieve them. 

EFT Tapping Side Effects

12 EFT Tapping Side Effects Whilst Releasing 

The process of releasing trapped emotions and shifting energies can be very draining and be met with a lot of resistance; but it’s also healing your system, both your physical human system and your inner belief system. A result of the resistance meeting the persistence can show up as physical feelings and reactions.

Here are 12 EFT tapping side effects that myself and other practitioners have witnessed when emotions are being released and energy being repaired:

  1. Yawning 
  2. Sighing (big exhales) 
  3. Shoulders dropping
  4. Coughing
  5. Lump in the throat
  6. Butterflies in the tummy
  7. A vibrating feeling through the body
  8. Crying, tears or watery eyes  
  9. Sleepy / tiredness / fatigue
  10. Pain relief in certain areas
  11. Sneezing
  12. Itching or twitching 

These can literally happen as you tap!

The reactions and feelings you experience when tapping will vary depending on you as an individual person, so if you don’t experience any of the above, that’s totally fine, everyone has their own way of tapping and will experience different ways of releasing the trapped emotions.

Have you discovered any other EFT tapping side effects when you tap?

Peace, Love & Gratitude

x Hannah x