Is Stan Store Worth it?

Is Stan Store Worth it? Stan Creator Store Review

Is Stan Store Worth it? Stan Creator Store Review

Is Stan Store Worth it?

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This all-in-one creator store that’s said to jump-start your passive income stream, has stolen the hearts of hundreds of thousands of creators & business owners – but is Stan Store worth it? 

If you’re currently using or are considering using Calendly, Kajabi, Shopify or Link Tree, then keep reading, because in this article I’m sharing everything you need to know about this using Stan Store, an all-in-one ‘link-in-bio’ shopping platform. 

Disclaimer: This post contains links to products I believe to be useful to the reader, from which I may earn a small commission. To read more about affiliate links and how they help my business to grow, click here.

What is a Stan Creator Store?

What is Stan Store? A Stan Store, sometimes referred to as a Stan Creator Store, is a platform that allows you to turn your ‘link-in-bio’ menu into an easy-to-use digital shopfront that converts followers into paying customers. 

John Hu created Stan Store when he became frustrated with the lack of monetization capabilities most platforms offer these days, along with the fee’s that platforms like shopify & Etsy, take from their users. 

Hu wanted to change that. He wanted to create a platform that would make it super simple to make money online. And so Stan Store was born. 

Stan Store have made it super easy for you to sell your digital products, get bookings, host webinars and basically monetize your content, whilst providing a simple and aesthetically pleasing front-end store for your customer, which can even result in more sales – it certainly did for me!

Who is Stan Store For?

Honestly? Stan Store is for anyone who wants to make money online selling digital products or online services. It’s especially great for you if you’re struggling to convert your current ‘link in bio’ clickers into buyers like I was – more on that below.

Seriously, this platform is being used by so many different types of creators & businesses, but I personally think Stan Store is perfect for:

  • Online Coaches, Mentors & Teachers 
  • Content Creators, Influencers, Micro-influencers & UGC Creators
  • Instagrammers & TikTokers
  • Digital Product Creators (move over Etsy) 
  • Social Media Managers & Content Managers 
  • Designers, Freelancers & Small Digital Businesses

Even if you’re a business that sells physical products, Stan Store would still be a fantastic option if you’re looking to grow your email list or host online events. However, currently, Stan Store does not offer the capability to sell physical products. 

Is Stan Store Worth it? Stan Store examples

How Does Stan Store Work?

Let’s say I’m posting a TikTok or an Instagram Story and I’m talking about my latest digital product, which is an eBook or a PDF document. 

Previously I was directing my audience to the ‘link in my bio’ only for that link in bio to then redirect them to another link, such as my website, and the user would have to hunt down the thing I was talking about in my content, or wait for several pages to load.

But with Stan Store, the link in my bio is the digital store itself, and the user can purchase straight from there, without having to click through to a different website. 

They can easily click back to Instagram, having never really left the platform. 

Stan Store vs Link Tree vs Shopify vs Etsy: What does Stan Store include? 

Stan Store vs Link Tree

Link Tree has had a few upgrades lately, but is still predominantly a ‘link sharing’ service. You can customise your link-in-bio page, but it doesn’t offer the unique all-in-one features that Stan Store offers.

Stan Store vs Etsy 

Etsy is a popular choice for selling digital products but demands a $0.20 for each item you list, along with a 6.5% transaction fee for every sale. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up.

Stan Store vs Shopify

Shopify is a great platform for building out an entire digital store, but it lacks the low cost of Stan Store, which is a flat rate of $29 a month. Then every penny you earn through the store is yours.  

It is amazing that for just $29 a month, this all-in-one platform gives you the ability to:

Sell a Digital Download

Sell your digital products, such as worksheets, webinars, documents, ebooks, templates and more. Simply create the checkout page, add in the price, upload the digital product and you’re off to the races. 

Collect Emails/Applications

Got a free ebook that you use to collect emails for your email list? Or perhaps you offer a free cheatsheet as your lead magnet? Stan Store makes it super easy for your lead to sign up for this and Stan collects the email address for you. 

If you use Mailchimp, you can integrate it and have your new email subscriber automatically added straight to your automated workflow. 

This is also a great option if you need to create an application form. Previously I had my application forms in Google forms, but now Stan Store can host them directly in my link-in-bio, my followers don’t even need to click on anything as the application is built into the main storefront. 

Automated Calendar Booking Feature

Say bye-bye to your Calendly app, because why pay $16 per month for a service that is just one of the many features included in your Stan Creator Store – and yes, you can link it with your calendar and integrate it to your Zoom account, so that the booking process is entirely automated. 


Is Kajabi too expensive? Clickfunnels not in the budget? Then say hello to Stan Store! You can create multiple courses on this platform, all with the ability to host multiple modules and have videos & course materials. From the front end, it doesn’t look too dissimilar from Kajabi and is extremely mobile-user-friendly for your customers who want to learn on the go. 

Membership Services 

I actually moved my monthly marketing membership away from my own website and over to Stan Store, because I was so impressed with this platform.

On Stan Store, you can create a membership by creating an e-course and selecting the subscription payment option. 

Or, if your membership doesn’t need an online course platform, such as offering a premium WhatsApp group membership, or a premium subscription to your emails, you can use the Recurring Membership Feature to set up a recurring payment and then direct them to the product via an external link. 

Host a Webinar

Host exclusive coaching sessions or online live events with multiple customers through Stan Store. Thanks to the integration with Zoom & Gmail, these events can be booked in your sleep!  Calendar invites are automatically sent out without you having to do anything. 

Offer a Custom Product

This is perfect if you offer customizable products or audits. For example, something I’m considering offering is an Instagram SEO audit. The customer books this via my Stan Store, for which I can create specific questions (i.e. what is your handle, what is your niche) and then I create a custom video or document for them. 

External Link

Finally, you can add external links, which are the basics of what Stan Store’s competitors offer, such as Milkshake and Link Tree. I use these links to promote my free Facebook group and my podcast, The Digital Priestess Podcast.

All of these services are included in the Creator account for just $29 a month. Wow. 

However, when you upgrade to the Creator Pro service for $99 a month, you also get access to: 

Funnel Builder

Create an entire funnel for your customer so that you upsell similar products in one smooth customer journey. 

Order Bumps

Incentivize your customers to purchase more with a one-time offer in your checkout flow, which Stan Store claims can increase your sales by 20%. 

Payment Plans 

Create an option for your customer to pay in instalments. 

Limit Quantity & Discount Codes 

Create personalised discount codes for your audiences. You can also limit the quantity of a product to either limit the amount sold or create urgency around your products.

Generate Affiliate Links

Imagine if your customers had the opportunity to promote your products and earn a commission. With the Creator Pro account, they can. This means you get more eyes on your products and your customer earns a sweet commission.

Is Stan Store Worth it? Stan Store examples

Why Did I Sign Up For Stan Store? 

After reading a few Stan Store Reviews, I was also wondering the very question: is Stan Store worth it?

So I started with a two-week free trial to have a nose around at what this platform could offer me. Previously I was using the Milkshake app, and before that, I used Link Tree. However, neither of these menus seemed to be great at converting my followers into paying customers or leads.

No matter what design or copy I used, I found my click-through rate from Instagram was low and my conversion lower. 

I understand now that this was because every link took them to a different place. I had a link to my website, a link to a mailerlite sign-up form, and a link to Google forms, and each click meant loading an entirely new web page. 

However, with Stan store, almost everything is in one place, giving my follower the perfect shopping experience. 

(I say almost because I still link to a few external links that Stan Store simply cannot host, such as my podcast). 

But seriously, having all my products & services, neatly laid out in one space, was a game-changer. 

After three years of simultaneously using WordPress, Learndash & Woocommerce to host & sell my online courses, and feeling fed-up & frustrated with the overcomplicated plugin updates & messy integrations, I’ve now migrated my signature courses over to Stan Store. 

That’s right! After completing my free Stan Store trial, I loved it so much and found it so easy to use, back-end and front-end, that I made the decision to move my signature programme Digital Priestess Academy and my monthly membership, Empire, over to the Stan Store platform – and I have zero regrets. 

I also added my lead magnet (a free webinar) to Stan Store and generated 40+ leads in my first month (I would normally only get an average of 15 leads via my link-in-bio). I also generated over $1,700 in digital product sales in my first month (normally $200 – $700). 

And because Stan Store has such a great product suite, it meant I was able to cancel some other premium services I was paying for, such as Calendly. 

Is Stan Store Worth it? Stan Store examples
My Stan Store Feb 11th – March 11th sales of digital products

The Pros to Stan Store 

I could ramble on and on because there are so many, so here’s a nice concise list:

  1. You can try before you buy, which means no commitment unless you know it’s right for you
  2. It’s easy to use in the backend, even for non-techy people
  3. It’s so easy for my customers to use 
  4. It offers a flawless check-out process for my customers 
  5. Customisable storefront – you can choose from multiple designs and add your own brand colours 
  6. It’s an all-in-one platform (for me, that meant I got to cancel multiple services, such as Calndly, and use this all-in-one service) 
  7. Integrates with Gmail, Zoom, Zapier & Mailchimp, so that 85% – 100% of the work is automated, you literally can make money in your sleep. 
  8. The Stan Store affiliate programme is awesome. If you recommend Stan Store to your colleagues, clients, friends, or followers, you can earn a 20% commission for every month that they’re signed up. 
  9. Offers up to 6 months of analytics data 
  10. My research shows that Stan Stores show up in Google searches. As an SEO & Content Manager, this pleases me no end, and I’ve already seen traffic to my Stan Store come directly from 
  11. Cheaper than its competitors, whilst offering a great service. Normally when something is cheaper it’s because the service isn’t as high quality. And whilst Stan Store doesn’t have the tech support, the customisable analytics and the super-techy backend administration options, in my eyes it is seriously up there as a top-quality service to host your online courses and sell digital products. 

The Con’s to Stan Store 

  1. Not enough integrations – I don’t use MailChimp or Zapier, all my email marketing is done through Mailerlite, meaning that when I get customer leads, I have to manually add them to my Mailerlite subscriber list. I’d love to see either Mailerlite or Convert Kit integrated. 
  2. No option to manually add a customer – when I was migrating my Membership over to Stan, I had no way to simply add new customers without them paying, meaning I had to request my customers re-sign up. 
  3. Analytics could be improved – Don’t get me wrong, you get valuable data, including traffic source, click breakdown and page conversions, however, you can’t customise your date selection. 
  4. No option to sell physical products – this is not a problem for me, but I think this would change online shopping if Stan Store offered this. I truly believe they would run Shopify out of business. 

So, Is Stan Store Worth it?

So, I’ve shared all the details, the pros and cons, but the bottom line is, is Stan Store Worth it? 

Whilst I still recommend every business has its own website, jam-packed with SEO and also as a source to rank your business on Google. I cannot recommend Stan Store enough. Especially if you’re someone who is trying to avoid the high monthly fees of Kajabi or Clickfunnels, I would definitely give Stan Store a try. 

Get your two-week free Stan Store trial here.

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– Hannah Brown –


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