55x5 manifestation method The Butterfly Coach

Does the 55X5 Manifestation Method actually work?

Does the 55X5 Manifestation Method actually work?

55x5 manifestation method The Butterfly Coach

Have you ever heard of the 55×5 manifestation method? It’s the latest Law of Attraction craze that many are sharing across the internet as a must-try when it comes to manifesting…

What is the 55×5 manifestation method?

According to A LOT of blogs posts, Pinterest pins and yup, even TikTok videos, the 55×5 manifestation method is when you write out what it is your trying to manifest as an ‘I am’ statement, 55 times, for five consecutive days.

For example, if I were trying to manifest more confidence, I may write the statement ‘I am so confident’ or lets say I’m trying to manifest a brand new jeep, my statement might be ‘I own a brand new jeep’.

I would then write out this statement 55 times on a piece of paper or in my journal, for five days straight.

Does it work?

Okay, this is actually quite a hard one to answer, because technically, YES, it works, I’ve done it.

BUT – it’s not as straight forward as a lot of these posts make it out to be. I myself wondered how many 55×5 method success stories there were out there – REAL success stories – and now I have one. But it’s not as easy as the web makes out to be.

Most articles or videos I came across advised following the simple formula above, however some threw in the ‘secret’ or ‘magical’ hack of writing it on paper and popping it under your pillow or popping it under crystals. But few mentioned the very important do’s and don’t’s to this method.

I discovered them after I tried and tested the 55×5 manifestation method on a few occasions. I began testing this method back in late summer of 2020 and did my manifestation happen?

Nope. Still waiting for that one.

Because after trying out this 55×5 manifestation method I discovered some key errors…

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The 55×5 manifestation method won’t work for you if…

…You’re not in the right vibe and expect it to just happen

Manifesting isn’t about wishing, writing or just saying out loud what you want and hoping it comes true. Manifesting is about attracting what you desire into your life by being in the vibration/feeling as if you already have it. What many people do – and what I did on my first try – is come from a place of desperation.

I was researching this method when I was in a low place and wanted to fix myself – not a good place to start desperately manifesting an ENTIRELY different life.

If you’re scribbling out a need over and over on a piece of paper whilst clinging onto pain or hope or confused emotions, then that’s what you will get in return.

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…You’re over complicating it

From too easy, to too hard! Have you written an ‘I am’ statement or ‘I am’ paragraph?

The first time I tried this back in 2020, I was trying to write out an ‘I am’ statement that covered my occupation, location, relationship status, my mood, my income … it was insane! Not only was this exhausting to write 55 times for five days, but I was so busy focusing on the chunky paragraph and the order of the statement, that my head wasn’t in the right vibe at all.

Take it from me, as much as you want to express to the Universe that you desire A, B & C … oh and maybe a little D, and a sprinkle of E too… just focus on one thing at a time, two max, at least whilst you first test this method out.

…You’re not using emotions, feelings or visuals

Whilst it’s great that we’re writing out ‘I am’ as if you already have it, it’s not enough. Writing out an emotion or conveying a feeling to attach to your manifestation is key!

The Butterfly Strategy

How to Use the 55X5 Manifestation Method so that it ACTUALLY works

Keep it simple

Get into the vibration of already having it

Express emotion, such as ‘I am so excited that I have…’ or ‘I am so grateful for…’

As you write out each statement, visualise what you’re trying to manifest and feel the emotions of having it

And for god-sakes TAKE ACTION. You can ask the Universe for all you want, but it’s pointless if you’re not going to take the opportunities that the Universe delivers to you. You have to say Yes!

After a few trial and errors, I began having this technique work for me. The first time I succeeded was in February (2021) – there was a potential client who had gotten in touch with me, I’m talking once-in-a-lifetime, dream client. I was DESPERATE to work with them, this was such an amazing opportunity for me and my business.

But I knew coming from a place of desperation was no place to manifest. So this time, as I wrote out my 55 statements, I went into a completely calm headspace, and as I wrote out the words ‘I am so grateful for this contract with….’ I envisioned myself communicating with this new client over text, I envisioned working with their team.

As I wrote out the words “I am so grateful” I truly felt it in my core. I felt the gratitude for this opporytunity emanating from me.

I followed this up with some scripting where I journaled as if I was already working with this client, reflecting on my first day in communication with them.

Read more about scripting here: How to manifest the best week EVER!

On the fourth day of my 55X5 Method, I was on the phone with the client arranging for a contract to be sent over! I’d manifested it.

Is the 55X5 Manifestation Method for you?

Honestly? That totally depends on you as a person.

I believe this works exactly the same way my other manifestation techniques work; I’m dedicating time and energy into getting into a zone of ‘I have this” and combining it with gratitude and visualisation. The same as when I meditate, script or manifest to music.

The reason this specific 55×5 manifestation method worked for me is that I’m focusing intently on writing my ‘I am’ statement for a good period of time over 5 days, and I enjoy writing. But if you’re someone that hates putting pen to paper, this probably isn’t for you. You may get bored, distracted or find yourself unable to get into the right vibe, in which case it’s pointless.

It’s important to remember the 55X5 manifestation method isn’t actually a type of LOA actual law, it’s just a tool, and there are all kinds of tools out there, it’s just about finding the one that works for you.